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Message From Associate Dean FBA

On behalf of the IBA and Faculty of Business Administration, I welcome you all. IBA is an exciting place to study and groom you. It is a place where thinkers become leaders, a place where the thirst and eagerness for knowledge fuels our desire for distinction. The Faculty of Business Administration has been preparing students not only for exciting and challenging careers in Pakistan particularly but also for regional and global markets. We have developed an outstanding reputation, locally and internationally, for the quality of our teaching and research. Many of our alumni now occupy senior positions in business, government and academia, both in Pakistan as well as around the world.


We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business administration which consist of the core disciplines of accounting, management information system, marketing, management, economics, finance, quantitative techniques, entrepreneurship, management information system and social sciences. In order to align ourselves with the market need which is a part of our excellence in business education, we have revamped our BBA program by including student's exposure and experience... Read More

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