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Message From Associate Dean FBA

On behalf of the IBA and Faculty of Business Administration, I welcome you all. IBA is an exciting place to study and groom you. It is a place where thinkers become leaders, a place where the thirst and eagerness for knowledge fuels our desire for distinction. The Faculty of Business Administration has been preparing students not only for exciting and challenging careers in Pakistan particularly but also for regional and global markets.

We have developed an outstanding reputation, locally and internationally, for the quality of our teaching and research. Many of our alumni now occupy senior positions in business, government and academia, both in Pakistan as well as around the world. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business administration which consist of the core disciplines of accounting, management information system, marketing, management, economics, finance, quantitative techniques, entrepreneurship, management information system and social sciences. In order to align ourselves with the market need which is a part of our excellence in business education, we have revamped our BBA program by including student's exposure and experience in community services. This initiative has been taken to see our students develop the soft skills that are a must in this contemporary world. As part of their coursework the students are also required to undertake experience in the real business world through internships in any corporate entity for a period of one semester. Thus providing experiential learning to our students, broadening their horizon about the practical, corporate world.

IBA has established its reputable name globally by establishing collaborations, signing memberships and building successful partnerships with foreign universities and institutes. Recently, our undergraduate students have been sent to The Washington Centre (TWC) for an exchange program whilst our graduate students were sent to Tsinghua University, China. Our MBA Program starts with superior students and instills the necessary learning in them to succeed in the rapidly changing, competitive world of business. The requirement of two years of work experience for new intake brings matured students in the class who demonstrate their substantial knowledge about the practical market conditions. Students clubs and societies are active more than ever, the idea is to provide MBA students avenues and opportunities that help them grow as leaders. The exposure that these student societies' activities provide like managing events, team work, interactions with different organizations for obtaining resources, networking etc. gives them an opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping them in their professional development as future leaders.

IBA is proud to mention its successful accomplishment of initiating a new undergraduate program, "BS in Economics and Mathematics." This program prepares students for their career in Economics, Finance and Applied mentions. Also, we have introduced a separate BBA program, namely BBA Entrepreneurship that focuses on the entrepreneurial insight and instills the core entrepreneurial skills in the students choosing to study this program. IBA has also ensured that students during their four year voyage of BBA/BS take a language course, choosing one from French, Arabic or Chinese. All these languages are taught for two semesters by learned faculty. Such an attempt aims to bridge the cultural gap in building global, corporate relations.

Lastly, we hope to build more collaborations and partnerships in the near future that will help us to send more students for such a fortunate learning voyage. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about our teaching and research activities and events, open to both students and public throughout the year.

Mohammed Nishat
Faculty of Business Administration
PhD, Auckland, New Zealand
MA Sc, (Management Sciences)
MA, (Economics), University of Waterloo, Canada
MAS, (AERC), University of Karachi
Areas of interest: Portfolio
Management, Financial Econometrics & Microeconomics